Medicine – is the best business!

27 December 2016 - Atyrau Region

In Atyrau was chosen the entrepreneur of the year

Lucky check!

08 November 2016 - Atyrau Region

In Atyrau were summed up the results of the regional round of the October draw within the frames of the Republican campaign "Ask for a check - win a prize!"

From a dream – to a flower shop
08 November 2016 - Atyrau Region
We must believe in ourselves and follow our dream. Such...
Goods from Turkey - faster and cheaper
27 October 2016 - Atyrau Region
It is possible to reduce significantly the delivery time and...
National clothes under the brand "Made in Atyrau"
18 October 2016 - Atyrau Region
Create your own brand of national clothing in Atyrau -...
One mistake - and immediately a lawsuit!
07 October 2016 - Atyrau Region
Mechanical error in the quotation, was the cause of the...
Teaching camel husbandry
06 September 2016 - Atyrau Region
In Atyrau will be held seminar on management of camel...
You can have a good vacation inland!
14 July 2016 - Atyrau Region
To increase the potential of domestic tourism - a delegation...
Online lighthouse for business
02 June 2016 - Atyrau Region
Business development map will indicate the correct direction for creation...
Beauty salon will be launched!
04 February 2016 - Atyrau Region
A businesswoman had to wait almost a year for the...
It was agreed to provide assistance to businesses
21 January 2016 - Atyrau Region
Perhaps in the near future, the problems of entrepreneurs, related...
The entrepreneur of the year was selected in Atyrau
29 December 2015 - Atyrau Region
The award ceremony "The Best Entrepreneur of the Year" has...
Yes for Business!
08 December 2015 - Atyrau Region
The error, which was committed by the state official, almost...
Specialized centre on gas issues: light at the end of the tunnel?
04 December 2015 - Atyrau Region
In Atyrau, on the basis of the production branch of...